Is your people strategy aligned with your business strategy?

Organizational alignment is a key component to achieving a high return on your talent investment – partner with an expert!  SWG can help.

SWG is a boutique consulting agency that is committed to advancing organizations by leveraging high-impact, cost-effective solutions to develop future-ready leaders and high-performing teams.  Our expertise encompasses over 30 years’ experience in talent management and leader development with measureable forward movement in goal attainment.

SWG has extensive experience in the development and execution of talent strategies so, we “get it” – we understand the criticality of developing future-ready leaders within organizations and we also understand the many common challenges organizations face in readying talent for key leadership roles.

SWG consultants have not always been consultants, thus we build evidence-based practice from experience, not processes based on theory. We bring vast knowledge and experience from working as leaders in corporations on both the business operations side as well as human resources serving in a variety of roles from manager to vice president.  We are experts in developing leaders and engaging employees, ensuring the right people are in place to respond to your business needs.

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