Organizational Alignment

Evidence-Based Talent Strategies for an Evidence-Based Industry

Specializing in the development and execution of talent strategies, SWG partners with organizations that target key talent development needs such as retention of top performers, elevated leader effectiveness, and succession planning – ensuring tomorrow’s healthcare leaders are ready when needed.

SWG aligns hospitals, healthcare systems and other organizations to help them achieve their goals. Starting with the business fundamentals of mission, vision, values and strategy, the first step is clarity around business goals and what the organization strives to accomplish. The second step facilitates the development of a people strategy that aligns with business goals. And the third step is a solid execution plan with measurement, high organization impact and sustainability.

Succession Planning

No healthcare organization wants to find itself facing an unplanned succession rather than keeping its focus on patient care. To avoid the problem, SWG helps organizations identify, retain and promote young leaders with high potential to ensure a full pipeline of future executives.

Empty C-suite chairs and open spaces around the boardroom table cost healthcare organizations money that can be put to better, more profitable use. Instead, SWG ensures its clients have a strategic talent retention and development plan. This roadmap to future success realigns organizations around identifying new talent and giving them the tools and guidance they need to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Talent Profile Development

When preparing emerging leaders (high-potential) for their next roles, how are you ensuring the right skills and capabilities are targeted?

SWG works closely with organizations to build talent profiles for key leadership positions, ensuring the development efforts are on target and highly effective. Talent profiles identify the experiences, skills, knowledge and certifications, as well as personal attributes, needed to be successful in a specific role.

Talent profiles can be leveraged to hire the right fit, develop leaders in place and prepare emerging leaders for their next positions. Talent profiles enable targeted development to close gaps and truly set leaders up to be successful.

Leadership Competency Model Development

Do you have a clearly defined leadership competency model (skills and capabilities needed at each leader level) that you use to hire the right leaders, develop leaders in place, and prepare leaders for future roles?

Building a leadership competency model is the fundamental component for hiring the right fit, designing learning and development programs to enhance leader effectiveness, and developing leaders on succession plans for future roles.

Certified to use Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, SWG assists organizations in defining what competencies are mission critical for each leader level.

Leadership competency models are developed based upon the anticipated future challenges the organization will face, coupled with the foundational elements of the organization including strategy and values.

Leadership & Culture

Build Your Leadership Brand

Who are you as a leader? How clearly have you defined the behavioral expectations of your employees and leaders? What are the expected daily behaviors that align with the desired culture? How engaged are your employees? What kind of return are you getting on your investment? How can you keep high-performing nurses and physicians on staff, and how can you promote leaders into key positions to ensure continued success?

These are the questions you need to answer to create a leadership brand for your organization. Luckily, SWG can help, from establishing your organization’s mission and the workplace culture that can best help you meet it to crafting the tools you’ll need to keep that culture alive with fully engaged employees and leaders at every level of the organization.

Values Guide Development

SWG works with healthcare organizations to clarify values and desired cultural norms that, once defined, are then used to establish the associated behaviors that reinforce the core values of the organization. Starting with the CEO and C-suite, the values of the organization are vetted and affirmed. The next step is socializing the values to ensure buy-in, utilizing focus groups and engaging the people of the organization in defining the true meaning of each value.

A values guide serves as the moral compass for your culture. Popular application includes hire for fit, establish performance expectations and measurement of performance, reinforce culture via learning and development programs, and integrate into communications and messaging.

Values guides facilitate clarity of what the organization stands for and the establishment of consistent environments – bringing the values to life!


Employee engagement is measured by an employee’s willingness to put forth discretionary effort for the advancement of the organization. The keys are: their choice, effort above and beyond what is expected, and the intention to assist in the success of the organization.

Employee engagement happens one person at a time. SWG is well versed in the art and science of engagement, understanding the importance of engagement drivers such as loyalty and pride, engagement enablers that include having necessary resources and being involved, and values alignment where congruent personal and organizational values provide a deeper connection for employees.

SWG helps organizations build the vital components of executing an engagement strategy that includes organization-wide communication, development of action plans, leader training and involving employees in finding solutions.

Talent Development

You Know Talent When You See It. We Help You Keep It Around and Make It Better.

High-Potential Accelerated Development Tracks

SWG partners with organizations to create an accelerated roadmap to readiness, often ranging from 18-24 months, to enable companies to put their most talented individuals on the fast track to leadership. Cohort learning is the most popular modality, engaging high potentials in personal coaching, group coaching, experiential and didactic learning, mentoring programs, action learning and organizational rotations.

Mentoring Program Development

Mentoring programs are a high-impact, cost-effective approach to developing leaders, preserving organization culture, and building valuable relationships. An effective program can easily help healthcare organizations retain employees, share knowledge, avoid institutional brain drain, teach organizational savvy and keep every member of the team accountable.

SWG partners with healthcare organizations to build mentoring programs that work. Our approach includes understanding your strategic goals and crafting a mentoring program with the elements you need to achieve those goals. Frequently, targeted mentoring programs are the solution to elevating the capabilities of a specific group, such as newly hired managers acclimating to the organization, managers learning a new role for a new position, high-potential new hires getting ready for a promotion or expanded role, or upcoming leaders working in cross-department roles to broaden perspectives and deepen relationships.

The program’s structure will align with your intended outcomes. The critical components of role clarity, organizational support, training programs, mentor/mentee expectations, consistency of experience, mentoring assessments, and matching mentors and mentees – all of these factors are carefully designed to align with the organization’s culture and desired outcomes.

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