Mentoring programs are a high-impact, cost-effective approach to developing leaders, preserving organization culture, and building valuable relationships.  Some of the many benefits of mentoring programs include: knowledge sharing, wisdom retention, accountability, relevant content, fosters employee retention, teaches political and organizational savvy.

SWG partners with organizations to build mentoring programs that work.  Our approach includes understanding your strategic goals and how a mentoring program could assist in achieving those goals.  Often times, targeted mentoring programs are the solution to elevating the capabilities of a specific group, for example, newly hired managers acclimating to the organization, managers new in position and learning a new role, high-potentials getting ready for a promotion or expanded role, cross pollinate departments to broaden perspective and deepen relationships, and connect generations with reverse mentoring.

The program structure will align with intended outcomes.  The critical components of role clarity, organization support, expectations of mentors and mentees, tools to support a consistent experience, measurement, the matching process, and training both mentees and mentors are all carefully designed to align with the organization’s culture and desired outcomes.

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