The fast-track to leadership – getting your high-potentials ready for their next leadership role.

SWG partners with organizations to create an accelerated roadmap to readiness, often ranging from 18-24 months.

Cohort learning is the most popular modality, engaging high-potentials in personal coaching, group coaching, experiential and didactic learning, mentoring programs, action learning and organizational rotations.

Here is an example of a hi-potential track SWG has implemented:

  • Personal awareness – assessments both personality and 360
  • Personal SWOT analysis and IDPs (individual development plans)
  • Coaching – 1-1 coaching throughout the program
  • Group work – Performance improvement projects or action learning (where a real business problem is tackled)  Group works together for solutions and presents to senior leadership
  • Committee rotations – attend several committees/board meetings etc.  see the players, politics and organization as it really works
  • Mentoring – established mentoring program where hi-pos are partnered with an executive or senior leader
  • Training and Development – classroom training on targeted development needs (business acumen, strategy, innovation, are a few examples)
  • Book clubs
  • Journals
  • Projects – individual opportunities to take on or lead high profile projects

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