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As certified professional coaches, we’re passionate about advancing healthcare industry executives and the organizations in which they work. We understand that you bring more to your role than just a C-suite title, which is why we focus on both professional and personal development to facilitate forward movement and enhance sustainable change over the course of a long-term coaching relationship – so you and your organization can attain the level of success you deserve. Our transparent, confidential and fully engaged coaching approach is evidence based, solutions oriented and judgment free.

We believe that understanding your desires and challenges in all facets of life is critical to achieving the highest level of personal and professional satisfaction, which is why we work to create a comprehensive plan that fits your needs. To examine your whole identity, SWG consultants clearly define roles and expectations, leveraging assessments to provide personal insights on the attitudes, values and perspectives that drive your success. Together, we create an individualized development plan with tangible benchmarks and goals and begin a journey to develop the best you.

Teamwork: The Sustainable Way to Create Success

No executive is an island – much as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an effective leadership team to drive success in the healthcare industry. After all, a hospital or healthcare system can’t take care of patients if it can’t turn a profit.

At SWG, we strive to help executives form cohesive teams that can work seamlessly to create success in their organizations. Our fully individualized program takes every member of the team into account to develop a customized approach perfect for your organizational goals and learning styles. But we don’t just show up with a presentation; we form a long-term, confidential relationship with team members and work tirelessly to form a team that can develop a truly sustainable engine for creating success.

Physician, Heal Thyself – With Our Help

Between mountains of paperwork, more patients occupying fewer beds and exhaustively gathered performance metrics, it’s little wonder that physicians suffer from burnout – at a rate the Mayo Clinic estimates costs the United States $3.4 billion every year. As the professionals around whom the entire healthcare industry is built, physicians are vitally important, and the healthcare organizations that employ them must do everything they can to empower doctors and give them the tools they need to healthily and sustainably practice medicine.

Backed by an increasing amount of research into how organizations can support the health and wellness of their physicians, our team works directly with healthcare organization leaders to create comprehensive physician wellbeing programs. We provide methods for promoting a culture of wellness, building a supportive community and helping physicians create truly healthful career practices. Doctors all too often ignore their own health to focus on their patients. Partner with SWG and ensure they have the tools to reduce stress and continue serving their communities.

Leadership at Every Level for Unparalleled Healthcare Success

Leadership doesn’t just take place at the top. A well-functioning healthcare system has leaders at every level, from the nurses’ station to the board room, to ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes for patients. And as doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals take on increasing responsibility and the integration of care for their patients, the need for leadership training has become critical in the nation’s clinics and hospitals – especially given that healthcare education often focuses on hard sciences rather than on making better leaders.

Our comprehensive approach to mentorship and coaching makes SWG the best choice for healthcare providers interested in fostering a culture of leadership at every level of an organization. From leadership education to one-on-one mentoring opportunities, we help healthcare organizations teach their employees the intricacies of medicine as a business and how effective leadership helps reduce stress and improve autonomy.

Meet Stephanie Wood

As a leadership development expert and solutions-oriented coach, Stephanie Wood’s goal is to help advance organizations through the people who make them great. With over two decades of experience in a range of leadership roles in business operations and talent management, she is adept at executing strategies that impact leadership, grow the bottom line and enhance personal and professional growth. As a former vice president of talent management, she designed, implemented and led key strategies around professional development, talent assessment, succession planning, performance management, employee engagement and overall organizational effectiveness. Stephanie is an iPEC-trained certified coach and is certified to facilitate The Coaching Clinic®, The Leadership Challenge®, LPI® 360, DiSC® assessments and Korn Ferry Leadership Architect.

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