C-Suite & Upper Level Executives

Do your leadership development efforts support your business goals? Research shows 9 out of 10 organizations would say NO.

We can partner with your organization to provide programs and methods that target your key talent development needs, including pipeline growth, bench strength, retention of top performers and elevated leader effectiveness. It’s time to start developing your talent, aligning your organization and achieving success.

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Talent Strategy Development

  • Retain top performers
  • Elevate the effectiveness of leaders
  • Ensure tomorrow’s leaders are ready when needed

Building your leadership brand

  • Align leader expectations with business strategy
  • Customize development and build the right skills
  • Create consistent business outcomes and create environments that align with employee and customer needs

Values guide

  • Reinforce desired culture through clearly stated behaviors expected from leaders and employees
  • Successfully hire the right people and assess the performance of current employees and leaders

Succession planning

  • Ensure your leader identification process is generating the “right” list of high-potentials
  • Mitigate risk with a strategic talent retention and development plan
  • Reduce costs associated with the “empty chair”

Talent profile development

  • Promote the right fit for key leadership roles
  • Target how to develop future leaders
  • Accurately assess the right candidate if hiring from the outside

High-Potential accelerated development tracks

18-24 month development programs:

  • Build organizational savvy and boost confidence
  • Mitigate risks of having an “empty chair” or worse: the wrong fit

Mentoring program development

  • Preserve the culture of your organization
  • Build valuable strategic relationships
  • Leverage high-impact, cost-effective solutions to developing leaders


Engagement matters. Your bottom line depends on it!

  • Implement strategies to retain top performers
  • Build action plans to elevate engagement levels
Advancing Women

Advancing Women

Helping women achieve their maximum potential both personally and professionally is our passion. We know the challenges women leaders face because we’ve been there. We can help you enhance your women’s programs so you diversify your talent pool, retain your top performers and leverage the unique talents and leadership qualities the women of your organization bring to the table.

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Women in Action

A woman’s compass to self-advocacy and advancement

  • Develop skills and capabilities
  • Heighten self-awareness and personal growth
  • Create action plans leading to increased accountability and forward movement

Speaking, women's topics

  • Empower women to leverage unique talents that are mission critical to business strategy
  • Increase leadership capabilities by understanding how attitude and perspective impact success


Career Planning

  • Determine avenues available for advancement and develop strategies to forward movement
  • Successfully identify and enhance skills needed to be successful at next level


  • Identify barriers and challenges to help design a customized plan that will help women experience breakthrough achievement
  • Develop and implement action plans that increase confidence, enhance self-awareness and empower personal growth


Six out of 10 Millennials are open to new job opportunities. Are you engaging your Millennial employees and preparing them for their next step?

With the number of Millennials in the workforce, it’s important that your organization be able to adequately assess your talent pool and develop your future leaders. SWG can provide professional development, career planning, coaching and mentoring opportunities for the Millennials in your organization through a range of one-on-one and group settings that will help your organization thrive for years to come.

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Ramp up

  • Create individual development plans to identify and prepare for advancement opportunities
  • Engage with and work alongside other Millennials facing similar challenges and opportunities


  • Create programs that address intergenerational employee needs, challenges and opportunities
  • Enhance leadership competencies and capabilities through partnership with industry mentors

Career Planning

  • Craft personal stories and resumes to reflect experience and unique talents
  • Identify avenues of opportunity and advancement and develop action plan
  • Empower individuals to embrace and leverage talents that will create the most impact

Corporate Readiness

  • Assist individuals in transition from student to professional
  • Help organizations identify, empower and develop future-ready leaders


of organizations using coaches state a return on investment

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of management positions are held by women


of U.S. employees believe it's very or somewhat likely they'll find a job as good as the one they have now

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